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Meet the stars of the show!

Our therapy horses are patient, kind and love their special jobs! Before officially joining the team, each horse must pass an intense trial period where they must demonstrate that they are comfortable with a variety of toys, wheelchairs, loud noises, having multiple people around them, unbalanced riders, and more.



Breed: Norwegian Fjord

Birthday: April 29th, 2008

The happiest, silliest, friendliest horse in town! Easily recognized by his checkerboard mohawk, Frodo never fails to greet every person who walks down the barn isle. He loves people and even turns his head to interact with them before and after their ride. He enjoys the games as much as the children do and sometimes grabs or pushes toys off the fence before the kids are able to reach them! He’s held a career as a therapy horse since he was just seven years old.



Breed: Norwegian Fjord

Birthday: May 3rd, 1999

Nothing makes Leika happier than a hug and a kiss! Ms Leika is an affectionate and calm partner who works well with everyone. She has a friendly face and gets a twinkle in her eye when she knows treats are on the way. Although she can play tirelessly in the arena, her favorite part of her job is getting loved on with pets, hugs, treats, and grooming before and after her lessons. Leika has been a therapy horse with Woodland Strides since 2016. 

Chocolate chip-new.jpg

Chocolate Chip

Breed: Shetland Pony/Mini

Birthday: 2003

Chocolate Chip's bio coming soon!





Hotshot's bio coming soon!

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